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Saturday, 30 April 2011

That reminds me, my new bike arrives this week !


Friday, 29 April 2011

Mr A the Barber still at work on Royal Wedding Day!

Watcha Weird Ohs!

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

**New Show** vol. 33 Chick Habit


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X-Ray Spex needed!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Poly Styrene last interview talking about her new album

Friday, 8 April 2011

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE vol.32 Fascinatin' Rhythm

Watcha Weird-ohs
I’m Mr A the Barber and this is vol. 32 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE.

This month's YOU GOT GOOD TASTE has been taken over by punks with a difference!
Oh yeah, it's time for the girls to come out of the garage and strut there stuff cos trashy girls rule on this episode.
So get ready weird-ohs cos for the next hour I'm only gonna be playing you garage punk of the girly kind. It's the least I can do as a pay back to all the liberties I've taken recently!
Regular listeners know what I mean, Mr A's all heart really.

Happy Days - The Barbarellas
Pleasure Unit - The Gore Gore Girls
Try To Cry - April March & The Makers

Double Shot (of my baby's love) - The Goodees
I've Been Working On You - The Feminine Complex
I'll Keep On Holding On - The Detroit Cobras
Radiates That Charm - The Downbeat 5

Juiced Up - The Friggs
In The Flesh - The Excessories
You Know You Can't Resist - The Headcoatees
Virtually Happy - Holly Golightly

Baby I Dig Your Love - What Four
Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart - the Puppets
Mr. Genie Man - Society's Children
I Can't Sleep At Night - The Diaboliks
Hunt You Down - The Gore Gore Girls
Baby Doll - The Bobbyteens
Perversion - The Trashwomen
Hanky Panky - The's

Feeling Good - Michele Lee

Stay Sick Weird-Oh's

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE vol.31 Spanked!

Watcha Weird-ohs
I’m Mr A the Barber and this is vol. 31 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE.
Some of you regular followers out there might have noticed that I had my ass spanked by the FaceBook nazis last week for posting pictures into my 'Girly Trash' album that were a bit too much for them. So with that spanking still smarting I've put together this show.
If you wanna see what all the fuss was about visit my profile page on the Hideout and on Facebool and take at look at all the 'naughty' pics I've uploaded!
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Dirty Old Man - Pipi Eats Cherries
Stalkin'- Duane Eddy
Bad Times - The A-Bones
I Wanna Be Your Driver - Swingin' Neckbreakers
Feel So Good - Thee Vicars
(Hey There) Big Bad Wolf - The Sham-Ettes
Sit On My Face - The Echos
Pussy Stank - Andre Williams
Dreams Don't Come True - April March along With The Makers
The One You Can't Have - The Honey's
A Little You - Dakota Staton
Thinkin' Bout Your Love - Lee Dresser
I'm Confused - Joyce Gray And The Melody Masters
Split Personality - Jim Burgett
In A Man's Heart - Masonics
Flypaper - Persian Claws
Come Into My Mouth - Thee Headcoatees
Putty (In Your Hands) - the Detroit Cobras
Home In Your Heart - Ghetto Ways
If (I Could Be With You) - Miss La-Vell
Fools Rush In - The Cadets
Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs - The Cramps
Chills And Fever - Fabienne Delsol
Encrypted - Dirtbombs
I Need Love - Travis Justice
Don't Destroy Me - Carol Jones

Stay Sick Weird-Oh's