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Sunday, 28 November 2010

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE VOL.27 - Neandethal

Watcha Weirdo-ohs
I’m Mr A the Barber and this is 'Neanderthal', vol. 27 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE.

This shows gonna be taking you back one million years BC, to a time when cavemen ruled the earth and cavewomen lived in fear!
Hear prehistoric love songs sung by real caveman, and experience the sounds of real primitive stone age rock'n'roll.

Find me at the GaragePunk Hideout and follow me on Facebook where you'll see some real prehistoric trash to go with this show, ans don't forget to subscribe to this podcast while your there.

Ok that's enough of modernity, now wrap yourself in animal skins, grab your club and join me in a trip back in time to meet Neanderthal Man.

Sasquatch - Los Straitjackets
Back To My Cave - The Surf Trio
I Caveman And You? - Los Peyotes
Prehistoric Love - JC Satan
Slave Girl - Lime Spiders
Cave Man Love - Space Man And The Rockets
Be A Cave Man - The Avengers
Cave Man Love - The Blue Jays
I Was A Teenage Caveman - Zacherle
I Was A Teenage Caveman - Randy Luck
I Was A Teenage Cave Woman - The 5, 6, 7, 8,'s
Caveman - The Cramps
Volcano Rock - The McBrides
Primitive - The Groupies
Dinosaur - Link Wray & The Raymen
The Cave Part 1 - Gary 'Spider' Webb
The Cave Part 2 - Gary 'Spider' Webb
Quarry In Stone Rock - Fred Flintstone & his Orchestra
The Flintstones [End Title]
Wilma - Andy And The Classics
Bedrock Twist - Rock Roll
Cave Man Hop - Jerry Coulston
Rock With The Caveman - Tommy Steel
Stoneage Woo - Nervous Norvus with Kenny Burt's Cavemen

Thanks for listening weird-ohs

Friday, 5 November 2010

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE VOL.26 - Can't find my mind

Watcha Weirdos
For this month's theme you join me in the YOU GOT GOOD TASTE asylum, where for the next hour I will be administering all you weird-ohs with some serious shock treatment.
I recommend you brace yourself's, cos it's about time to begin your therapy, so clench your fists and bit e down hard cos I am about to lobotomise you with some of the most effective brain twisting tunes that will make sure you can't find your mind ever again.

The Weird One - The Tremoloes
Can't Find My Mind - The Cramps
I Lost My Mind - The Ramones
Get Off Of My Cloud - The Meteors
Insane Asylum - The Detroit Cobras
Mad - Social Outcasts
Madness - The Rhythm Rockers
I Almost Lost My Mind - Eddie Cochran
I'm Not Crazy - Johnny Watson
Mad Man - The Hives
Mad Man - Jimmy Wages
Fuel For Brains - Mad Sin
Bongo Brain - The Revillos
The Brain - Jimmy Troy
Brain Twist - The Brain Twist
The Mad Scientist - The Zanies
I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon - Eddie L. Davis
Teenage Lobotomy - The Ramones
Teenage Head - Flamin' Groovies
In A Young Man's Mind - Mooney Suzuki
Gotta Get Inside That Boy's Mind - Thee Headcoatees
Loose Your Mind - The Cynics
I Just Dropped In (To see what condition my condtion was in) - Kenny Rogers
Blow Up Your Mind - The Cramps
Can'y Find My Mind - Andre Williams

Thanks for listening weird-ohs

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE VOL.25 - Come SIN with Me and Miss Dee

Watcha Weird'ohs
I’m Mr A the Barber
and welcome to 'Come Sin with Me', vol. 25 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE

This month's theme is all about SIN, or to be exact the 'Seven Deadly Sins'. So for the next hour your gonna be hearing songs related to seven sins of pride, greed, envy, anger, lust, gluttony, and sloth.

The initial idea for this mix was suggested to me by a certain Miss Dee Claw of The Persian Claws. She knows I love a challenge! So how could I refuse the lady.

Luckily Dee was keen to help me out and so she's chosen 7 of her favourite Deadly Sin songs. See if you can guess which ones are Dee's tunes or if psychology's not your thing then just go to the playlist.

As a weird coincidence October 5th the day this podcast is released is also Dee's birthday, so don't forget to drop by The Persian Claws page on the GaragePunk Hideout and have a listen to her band's tunes and while your there wish Dee a happy birthday.

Ok I think it's about time to start sinning with me and Miss Dee.

Mr A the Barber

So good so bad - Ali Gator & his real hot reptile rockers
One night of sin - Elvis Presley
Sinner - Terry-Tones

Pride - The Hellacopters
It's my pride - The Thanes
Swallow My Pride - The Ramones

Money - The Mockingbirds
Her Dad's Got Money Cha-Cha-Cha - Mikr Russo
Folding Money - Carl Belew
I Wanted Everything - The Ramones

Who does she think she is? - The Bristols
Ed's place - Horace Heiler
I wish it were me - Homer henderson

Kill - Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias
This sinister urge - The Fuzztones
Smebody's gonna get their head kicked In tonight - The Rezillos
Gravest sin - Mad Marge and the Stonecutters

Just lust - Buzzcocks
Bring on the nubiles - The Stranglers
Lusty l'il Lucy - Nick Curran & the Lowlifes

Gluttony - Alice Bag Band
Go slow fatso - Bobby Rutledge
Fat girl - The Embermen

Miss lazy - Ronnie Toth
Lazy Daisy - Bobby Boston
Wake me when I die - Vermillion Sands

it's a sin - Elvis Presley

Sunday, 3 October 2010

UK Old School Skateboard

If any of you out there was into skateboarding in the late 1970's then this wonderfully edited film of retro UK skaters is something you've got to watch. Like many kids in 1977 i went to Skate City in London (remember/), the Southbank and built my own wobbly ramp in my back yard. Ahhh the memories.

Monday, 6 September 2010

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE VOL.24 - Bikini Beach Monster

Watcha Weird'ohs
I’m Mr A the Barber
and welcome to vol. 24 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE

I guess most of you know how the show works by now, but for any listeners new to YOU GOT GOOD TASTE here's what it's all about.

Each month after I've consumed a rich diet of cultural trash, you know the stuff I mean, I somehow feel the need to regurgitate it all into a mutant idea that becomes the theme for my podcast, then late at night in a fit of wild drunkenness I try to choose the trashiest of rock'n'roll tunes that I fink fits best into the THEME. Then like a sick joke it appears on the Garagepunk website for you to download as an mp3. It's that simple!

So this month's show is no exception, based on an unhealthy infatuation with bikini clad babes and sea monsters!!! I've called this months themed mix wait for it, BIKINI BEACH MONSTERS!

I hope you enjoy the workings of my mind!

The Rumblers - A Go Go
Annette - Bikini Beach
The Hollywood Flames - Strollin' On The Beach
Jimmy Simms Thunderbirds - Twistin' on the Beach
Bobby Fuller _ King of the Beach
The Four Dimensions - Sand Surfin'
Dave York and the Beachcombers - Beach Party
(commercial)- Let's Trash the Beach
The Bird Brains (ft. Lux interior) - Underwater Sun (down, down, down)
The Marlins - (Everybody Do) The Swim Pt 1
Ronnie Fuller - Do the Dive
Don Woody - Hula Hula Girl
Barbara Windsor - Grin and Bare it
The Bikinis - Bikini
Connie Francis - Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Andre Williams - Sweet Little Pussycat
The Atlantic - Beaver Shot
June Wilkinson and Mamie van Doren - Bikini With No Top On Top
The Cramps - Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
Texas Pete - Last Time I Went to The Beach I Got The Crabs
The Deadly Ones - Monster Surfing Time
The Hollywoods - Vengence Beach
The Horrorpops - Horrorbeach Pt. II
Sex With Lyrch - Monster Surf Party
The Mysterious Tape Man - Haunted Surf
B. Bumble and the Stingers - Nautilus

Thanks for listening

Thursday, 2 September 2010

oh my god! her PUSSY does DO THE DOG

Monday, 30 August 2010

Evolution Revolution starts here

Friday, 6 August 2010


Watcha Weirdos

I’m Mr A the Barber and you're listening to vol. 23 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE.

This month’s mix is 'I Gotta New Car', so for the next hour I'll be playing some of the best rockin'n'rollin tunes all about, yes you guessed it, CARS.

Now don't get confused cos I'm not talkin' about those hopped up customised hot rods, no I mean those luxurious, smooth running, brand new, big American automobiles, you know the ones you see in the adverts! Get the picture?

So sit back and enjoy the ride, and start living the American dream!

Four in the Floor - The Shutdowns

No Wheels - The Chordettes

Buy a Car - Jackie Lee Cochran

Cadillac Man - The Jesters

I Gotta New Car - Big Boy Groves

Convertible Car - Wally Hughes

Cadillac - The Renegades

I Want a Lavender Cadillac - Maurice King & His Wolverines

Cadillac Lover - Carole Riley

Pink Cadillac - Sammy Masters

My Pink Cadillac - Hal Willis

Bring My Cadillac Back - Baker Knight & The Knightmares

Crazy About an Automobile - Al Vance

Antique 32 Studebaker Dictator Coupe - Ronny & The Daytonas

Boss Barracuda - The Surfaris

Little GTO - Ronny & The Daytonas

Pontiac GTO - Paul Revere & The Raiders (advert)

Go Back to Your Pontiac - Darby Sisters

SS 396 - Paul Revere & The Raiders

See the USA in Your Chevrolet - Dinah Shore

55 Chevy - Hoyt Stevens

Rocket 88 - Jackie Brenston

She Took My Oldsmobile - The Romancers

Black and White Thunderbird - The Delicates

Rock and Roll Thunderbird - The Burt Sisters

Dig That Ford - Doug Harden

Galaxy 500 - The Reverend Horton Heat

Thanks for listening

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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Thunderstorms and Neon Signs

Wayne "the Train' Hancock will be rollin into London town on 10th August, join me there. If not be sure to check out this very cool tune, enjoy.

Finkin Stuff!

Just some trash I saw on the sidewalk this weekend!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Short film of garage trash bands in London 1982

Watch this TRASH fans, filmed in London at the Pinder of Wakefield pub in Kings Cross this clip really captures what was going on in London on the Garage scene in 1982. Back then you could go see the Milkshakes/Tall Boys/Cannibals...... at least once a week, and I did!

Pause the clip at 2min 7sec and give me a wave, I'm the youth on th
e right who thought he was Johnny Thunders!

Monday, 5 July 2010

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE VOL.22 - Violent City

Watcha Weirdos
I’m Mr A the Barber and your listening to'Violent City'

This month's show is a trashy mix of crime tunes set in the mean city streets of America, back in a time when bank robbing and killing were a way of life for some of America's most notorious underworld criminals.

So barricade the doors and windows and load your weapons cos hear comes a 60minute rockin'n'rollin shoot out inspired by America's most wanted criminals and the cops who had the job of bringing them to justice.

Public Enemy No.1 - The Godfathers
Streets of Chicago - Link Wray
Path of Crime - Edward White
The FBI - V Di Mirco/F Wilson
Dragnet - Ray Anthony
Peter Gunn - The Cramps
Killer - Sparkle Moore
Don't Shoot Me Down - The Cynics
Machine Gun - The Riptides
Shot Down - The Sonics
Hornet's Nest - Curtis Knight
The Rat - the Ventures
She's a Killer - Ivory Joe Hunter
Sidewalk Blues - Roger Roger
Wanted For Questioning - Bob Lee
Dirty Robber- Wailers
Dick Tracy - The Chants
Crime Don't Pay - Mike Ness
The Fugitive - Lamar Morris
Squad Car - Eddie & The Showmen
Theme From The Unknown - Allan Davie and The Arrows
The Touchables In Brooklyn - Dick Goodman
Crime and Action - Siegfried Franz

Thanks for listening
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Friday, 7 May 2010


Watcha weirdos I’m Mr A the Barber and your listening to vol.21 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE

This month I got the BUG, so get ready with the insecticide, cos for the next hour your gonna be infested by a swarm of some of the most infectious BUG related rock’n’roll tunes.

Once this infestation of BUGS is over and you don’t think you can wait a whole month till the next YOU GOT GOOD TASTE, you don’t have to, just go to and knock yourself out listening to all my other shows.

I’d like to send out a big weirdo welcome to all of you listening

for the first time via the garagepunk podcast network, and a big thanks to Kopper for introducing the YOU GOT GOOD TASTE podcast show to feature alongside all the other great podcast shows over at

If there’s any of you out there who don’t know what I’m talking about and haven’t visited then your missing out, so get clicking and find out what going on.

And lastly before I BUG out thanks to these fellow weirdos who’ve GOT GOOD TASTE.

Mr Steve Tyrrell host of the big enchilada podcast.

The Screaming Soul Preacher the mad man behind The House of Wild Delights podcast.

The lovely Kelly who puts together Crampsylvania the site for all you Cramps fans.

All the guys and dolls working hard to sift through the best trash over at the pop culture link dump, and

good luck to Gavin whose just about to launch club Intoxica in Camden London this June.

And finally thanks to my long suffering mates Gav, Phillip, Paul, and John who with their help this show wouldn’t have happened!

Now don't say I didn't warn you, cos here come the BUGS.

Badass Bug - The Cramps

Here Comes The Bug - The Rumblers

I Got The Bug - Kenny Owen

The Bug - Gene Maltais

Love Bug Crawl - Jimmy Edwards

Bug Out - The Seven Teens

I'm Buggin' out - Donny Lee Moore

Green Mosquito - The Tune Rockers

The Fly Swatter - D.D.T. & The Repellents

The Red Headed Flea - The Caps

Beetle Squash - Sonny Bloch's Elephants

The Roach (Dance) - Gene and Wendell

Doing The Roach - Little Sammy Jones And The Eldorados

Pass The Bug - Gene The Hat

Bug Stompin' - The Stormers

The Bug - Jerry Dallman and the Knightcaps

The Bug - Barry Wilson & The Camelots

The Bug - The Swing Kings

The Beatle Bug - J.T. Ratliff with Shirley & the Swomp Bugs

Teenage Bug - Dwight Pullen

Beetle Bug Bop - The Collins Kids

Don't Bug Me Baby - Milton Allen

You Don't Bug Me - Terry Daly & The Nu-Tones

Bugged - The Rumblers

Earwigs In My Brain - The Meteors

Human Fly (live at Crazy Al's 7/7/81) - The Cramps

I Hate Bugs - Nervous Norvus

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Learn to jitterbug and be a real Hep Cat!

I love this film and so will you, just make some space in your living room and in 10 mins you'll be king and queen of the jitterbug!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE volume 20 - Motorpsycho!

Watcha Weirdos
I’m Mr A the Barber and your listening to vol. 20 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE

This month’s mix 'Motorpsycho!' screeches into your ears with one hour of rockin'n'rollin', rebel riding, motorbikin' tunes.
So for all of you out there with the ‘too fast to live, to young to die’ mentality, whether your a leather clad ton up boy, or a hard riding she devil on wheels, it doesn’t matter, cos this exhilarating show is dedicated to all of you motorcycle maniacs.

'Motorpsycho!' is gonna be going full throttle to bring you the craziest biker tunes in a fast’n’furious show packed with all the thrills'n'spills of a fast living and hard riding lifestyle.

Right I think it’s about time we kick start this show into action, so hold on tight and get ready cos your about to go racing with ‘Motorcycle Mike on his suped up bike‘ and trade punches with the fiercest female gang of all time the ‘Maneaters’, chicks on motorbikes who don’t take nonsense from no man!!
Aw c’mon what’s the matter with you they’re just a bunch of girls!

Lets go ‘motorbikin’.
Willie the Wild One - William The Wild one
On the Go - The Leather Boy
Motorcycle Mike - Davey Day
The Big Black Jacket - Marcel St. Jean
Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots - The Cheers
Rebel Rider - Phil Campos
She's A Bad Motorcycle - The Crestones
Downshiftin' - The Ree-Gents
Get Off The Road - The Cramps
Get Off The Road - The R Lewis Band
I'm a Leather Boy - The Leather Boy
The Rider - Pussycats
Leader Of The Pack - The Shangri-La's
Werewolves on Wheels - The Born Losers
Hindu on a Honda - Count Down And The Moonster
Little Honda - The Beach Boys
Yum Yum Yamaha - Carol Connors & The Cycles
Bad Motorcycle - Storey Sisters
Motorcycle - Billy Balls
Motor Bikin' - Chris Spedding
Motorbike Beat - The Revillos
Riding The TT Races - George Formby

Thanks for listening
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Friday, 2 April 2010

She-Devils on Wheels 'man eaters on motorbikes'

The Hellcats- leather on the outside...all women on the inside!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

1950's Motorcycle races

Ooooeee this cool clip is dedicated to Gavin, 'Harley' Paul and all the London vintage Harley riders.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Girl on a Motorcycle (1968)

Just a taste of the subject matter for the next YOU GOT GOOD TASTE podcast show! Can you see where I'm going?

Thursday, 18 March 2010

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE volume 19 - Bongo Madness

Watcha Weirdos
I'm Mr A the Barber and this is YOU GOT GOOD TASTE vol. 19 "Bongo Madness'

Something from the more exotic side of Rock'n'Roll this month with an hour long mix of latin flavoured dance numbers with special emphasis being given to the irresistable sound of the BONGOS.
So if you too are a BONGOMANIAC like me then get ready to loose yourself in what is gonna be 'BONGO MADNESS'.

Cerveza - Boots Brown
Bongo Rock - Preston Epps
Bongo Festeris - Jack Costanzo
Do The Clam - Elvis Presley
Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Socks) - The Nite Riders
La Sorella di Cristina - Andrea Tosi
Damelo Baby - Aztecs
El Loco Cha Cha - Rene Touzet
Pedro Joe - Red "Hot" Russel
Fever - La Lupe
Mambo Shevitz (Man, Oh Man) - Crows
El mambo cha-cha - The 4 El-Moroccos
Bongo guitar - Unknown Wombat
Hurricane - Dave "Baby" Cortez
Don't Sit Down - The Rockyfellers
Shake Your Body Girl - Larry Williams
Midnight Limbo - Tides
Drum-a-Mania - Jack Costanzo
Mister Bongos - Preston Epps
Congo Twist - The Revels
The Beverly Hills Telephone Directory Cha Cha Cha - Bob McFadden

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Monday, 15 March 2010

Buddy Rich vs Jerry Lewis!!

Watcha weirdos, YOU GOT GOOD TASTE vol. 19 is coming soon so get ready to Shake, Rattle and Roll cos this month's show is all about the DRUMS!!!!!

Here's a great clip to get you in the mood!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE vol. eighteen - "Teenage Dance Party 2'

Watcha Weirdos
Mr A the Barber here with vol 18 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE and it's time to get your dancin' shoes on cos Teenage Dance Party 2 is here to get you shakin'n'vibratin' to a whole load of wild'n'crazy dance tunes. So roll that carpet back and get ready DO THE 'Slosh', 'The Peanut Duck' 'The Monkey' and my favourite of all the crazee dance that is 'The Log'.
'It's a dance for people who are OUT not In'
'Don't move, your in the groove, DO THE LOG'

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Now are you ready to DO THE............
Let's go Hully Gully - Danish Sharks
The Hully Gully - The Angels
Louie Louie - Travis Wammack
The Boogala - Jay Jay Imus and Freddy Ford
A Dancin' Whippersnapper - Billy "The Kid" Emerson
Shake and Vibrate - Sir Latimore
The Kick-A-Poo part 1 - KIckapoo Kidd & The Deputies
The Uncle Wille - Bobby Miller
The Peanut Duck - Marsha Gee
Annie Do The Dog - The Underbeats
Do The Pig - Merced Blue Notes
The Frog - Lonnie Brooks
The Fish - The Supberbs
The Monkey - Guitar Crusher
The Rub - Joey Charles Drums
The Itchy Scratch - Little Becky Cook & The Rag Mops
The Slosh - Bernadette
Mashed Potato Mary - Guy Villare
(Do The) Mashed Potatoes part II - Nat Kendrick & The Swans
Foot Stomp - Los Straitjackets With The World Famous Pontani Sisters And Kaiser George Carl's
Dance Party - Carl Lattimore
Hunky Twist - Bowleggs
Snacky Poo part 2 - The Del Mars
The Log - The Uglies

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Twist Craze (1962) short film

Twist Craze (1962) an amazing short film about the dance craze that swept the nation!

Teenage dancers 'Do The........'

As a taster of what to expect in the new mix from YOU GOT GOOD TASTE here's a whole bunch of crazy cats dancing some kinda Kung Fu inspired moves.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

SAD MUSIC for SAD PEOPLE - a melancholic tribute to Lux Interior

Watcha Weirdos Mr A the Barber here. Well what can I say, it's one year now since Lux Interior passed away, and if your feeling anything like I do I know you'll be feelin' kinda blue. So win a blue kinda mood this tribute to Lux entitled 'SAD MUSIC for SAD PEOPLE', is a dark'n'melancholic collection of songs that I hope will create a fitting atmoshere to help us all remember the one half hillbilly, one half punk, Garbageman that was Lux Interior. The Beautiful Gardens await............ Stay Sick Turn Blue

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Monday, 25 January 2010

The Singer - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

More mood music for those of you who need some darkness to reflect Lux's upcoming anniversary, I give you Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with The Singer.

Lonesome Town - Ricky Nelson

As a tribute to Lux Interior and a thank you to Poison Ivy here's Ricky Nelson singing Lonesome Town. Stay tuned for the YOU GOT GOOD TASTE Lux Interior tribute show out Feb 4th.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Wow, this Garbage Man video is truly trashy

I take my Wighat off to this inspired and dedicated artist.

Check out this cool video.

Human Fly like you've never heard before

I always thought The Cramps were kultured!

How to turn into a Goo Goo Muck

The answers no before you ask, this cool cat ain't me,

but hey I am tempted to role back the rug and turn into a teenage Goo Goo muck!
How do you do the Goo Goo Muck?

Mr A the Barbers tribute to Lux Interior

Watcha Wierdos

For the next few weeks I'll be posting some random Cramps related posts to mark the forthcoming first anniversary of Lux Interior's untimely death.
Now if your already got the 'BUG' for the Cramps then some of my postings you'll gonna have seen already BUT, if your not fully up with all things Crampy then stay tuned to this blog cos in the next few posts I'll be bringing you a whole load of trash that'll be worth sifting through!

The posts will culminate in volume seventeen of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE being delivered to you on February 4th Lux's anniversary. I'll let you know more about the content closer to the date but lets just say it's gonna feature music of a more downbeat nature reflecting my current melancholic mood. Since the day I first dropped the needle onto my new copy of 'Gravest Hits', and first saw The Cramps in London 1981 I have been obsessed with the mad psychotic rock'n'roll rhythm beat out by Lux, Ivy and The Cramps. So if you too share my sentiments then I hope YOU GOT GOOD TASTE's forthcoming selection of dark'n'moody tunes will mark the day in a more sombre and reflective tone.

To get it subscribe here and have the coolest, dark, twanging music set the moody mood on the 4th february.

But hey enough of all that blubbin' Lux or Ivy wouldn't want us to sit around moping, cos we should be rockin'n'reelin, so my first post is a mad slice of TV with Lux seemingly having the time of his life with a puppet!! Check this out.

Stay Sick Mr A the Barber

Monday, 4 January 2010

Mr A the Barber's classic CUTS vol. 1

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE - classic CUTS vol. 1

Watcha Weirdos
Mr A the Barber here with a New Show for the New Year!

Any regular listeners will notice that this is NOT a themed show, thats because I've decided to relax the fomat a bit in order for me to play some of my favourite tunes that might not have ever seen the light of day. So that's why I've called it cleverly Mr A the Barber's classic CUTS, get it!!!!! So as the title suggests this show will featuring some of my favourite rockabilly, R'nB, twang (you know what i mean)that you've heard for a while, now if these don't get you up and dancin' then.............

Now if the themed show was more your thing then don't fret cos I've got a few more ideas bubbling away, but in the meantime if you've got any suggestions for future subjects then let me have them and I'll see what I can do!

Hope you enjoy this little mix.
Mr A the Barber

Eddie Bond - Rockin Daddy
Ted Daigle - Cut Across Shorty
Little Jimmy Dickens - i Got a Hole in My Pocket
Johnny Powers and the A-Bones - Mama Rock
Clyde Stacy and the Nitecaps - So Young
Terry Noland - Hypnotized
Don Cole - Lie Detector machine
Robins - Riot in Cell Block Number 9
Delores Ware - Can't Eat, Can't Sleep
Annisteen Allen w/Howard Biggs Orch. - Fujiyama Mama
The 5 Wings - Pack, Shack and Stack
Buddy Vincent - Wooden Bird
Li'l Millit - Rock Around The Clock
Bing Day - I Can't Help it
Clint Miller - Bertha Lou
Johnny Waleen - Mystery Train
The Rhythm Rockers - Madness
Strangers - Caterpillar Crawl
Link Wray - Genocide