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Monday, 26 July 2010

Short film of garage trash bands in London 1982

Watch this TRASH fans, filmed in London at the Pinder of Wakefield pub in Kings Cross this clip really captures what was going on in London on the Garage scene in 1982. Back then you could go see the Milkshakes/Tall Boys/Cannibals...... at least once a week, and I did!

Pause the clip at 2min 7sec and give me a wave, I'm the youth on th
e right who thought he was Johnny Thunders!

Monday, 5 July 2010

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE VOL.22 - Violent City

Watcha Weirdos
I’m Mr A the Barber and your listening to'Violent City'

This month's show is a trashy mix of crime tunes set in the mean city streets of America, back in a time when bank robbing and killing were a way of life for some of America's most notorious underworld criminals.

So barricade the doors and windows and load your weapons cos hear comes a 60minute rockin'n'rollin shoot out inspired by America's most wanted criminals and the cops who had the job of bringing them to justice.

Public Enemy No.1 - The Godfathers
Streets of Chicago - Link Wray
Path of Crime - Edward White
The FBI - V Di Mirco/F Wilson
Dragnet - Ray Anthony
Peter Gunn - The Cramps
Killer - Sparkle Moore
Don't Shoot Me Down - The Cynics
Machine Gun - The Riptides
Shot Down - The Sonics
Hornet's Nest - Curtis Knight
The Rat - the Ventures
She's a Killer - Ivory Joe Hunter
Sidewalk Blues - Roger Roger
Wanted For Questioning - Bob Lee
Dirty Robber- Wailers
Dick Tracy - The Chants
Crime Don't Pay - Mike Ness
The Fugitive - Lamar Morris
Squad Car - Eddie & The Showmen
Theme From The Unknown - Allan Davie and The Arrows
The Touchables In Brooklyn - Dick Goodman
Crime and Action - Siegfried Franz

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