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Friday, 7 January 2011

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE VOL.28 - The Delinquents

Watcha Weird-ohs

I’m Mr A the Barber and you're listening to 'The Delinquents' vol. 28 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE.

As you may have guessed already this month' s theme is taking you back to the high school days of 1950's America.

So like it or not this is one lesson you cannot miss, cos in Mr A's class rock'n'roll is the subject of the day.

Now don't forget on your way to class to visit, where you'll find me Mr A the Barber and a whole load of other delinquent podcasters putting together all kinds of free trashy shows for you to listen to.

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Ok enough of all that cos the bells ringing and it's time to join me and all the other delinquent weird-ohs at the back of the class for a one hour lesson at Mr A's rock'n'roll high school.

One More Time Back To School - Jerry Blavat

Back To School Blues - Sammy Jackson

School Day Blues - Pierre Mahieu & Ron & His Rattletones

College Man - Bill Justis

High School Caesar - Reggie Perkins

Juvenile Delinquent - Ronnie Allen

Ballad Of A Juvenile Delinquent - Phil Johns & The Lonely Ones

I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent - Frankie Lemon & The Teenagers

High School Confidential - Jerry Lee Lewis

Headin' for the High School Hop - Curtis Johnson

High School Hop - Boyd Bennett

School House Rock - Billy Harlan

School Of Rock 'n' Roll - Gene Summers

Rock Go Round - Chester Smith

Bop bop ba doo bop - Lew Williams

Straight ´A´s In Love - Johnny Cash

The Prom - The Runabouts

'Hey' High School Baby - Benny Joy

Pretty Little Schoolgirl - Bird Rollins

Rockin' To School - Doc Starkes & The Nite Riders

High School Love - Ronnie Allen

Boppin' High School Baby - Don Willis & the Orbits

Summer School Blues - Walt Benton

School Day Blues - Johnny & Jammers

Three Months To Kill - Huelyn Dyvall

School's Out - Bill James & The Hex-O-Tones

Stay Sick Weird-ohs

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