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Sunday, 20 February 2011

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE vol.30 - Hot Thrills 'n' Warm Chills

Watcha Weird-ohs

I’m Mr A the Barber and this is vol. 30 of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE.

The plan for this show was not to follow a theme, but as I started choosing some tunes something just happened, So I guess you'll all have to wait till next time to get a sneaky peek into Mr A's trashy tastes as I still plan to put together a non themed show real soon.

As for this show it's gonna be 100% no holds barred red hot rockabilly all the way, I thought I'd let the other GaragePunk podcasters give you your injection of garage trash leaving it to me to fill your ears with something a bit more primeval and wild.

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Right, now it's time for me to personally administer you a lesson in how to get "Cheap Thrills and Warm Chills"

I hope it works for you!

You're So Right For Me - Ronnie Self

The Catwomen - The Marketts

Sweet Talk - Rusty York

That Certain Female - Charlie Feathers

Cat Man - Gene Vincent

Tryin' to Get To You - Johnny Carroll

Seven Times Heaven - Paul Berenger and the Flares

That's All Right - mickey most and the Gear

Wild - Ali Gator and his Real Hot Reptile Rockers

Wild Girl - Orville Couch

Cupid Shot A Tiger - Geen Pressley and the Invanders

Go With Me - William Teller

Little Bit - Bobby Lonero

Dis A Itty Bit! - Robin Hood Brains

Pity Miss Kitty - Bobby Darin

One Kiss - Eddie Cochran

Just A Little Bit More - Frank Deaton

Cattin' Around - Charlie Adams

Broken Heart - The Moonlighters

(The Girl With The) Raven Hair - Jody Reynolds

Eternity - Kip Tyler

Goodnight My Love - Belvin, Jesse and Group

Stay Sick Weird-ohs

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