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YOU GOT GOOD TASTE now hosts WEIRDSVILLE a monthly club night in London, live bands and DJ's spinnin' till late!!

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE is also host to the yearly HIPSVILLE 60's Garage A Go-Go Party Weekender.
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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

YOU GOT GOOD TATSE invites you to WEIRDSVILLE a new club night coming to West London March 2012

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE invites you to
****** WEIRDSVILLE ******

Join the Facebook page here WEIRDSVILLE

A CLUB NIGHT FOR WEIRD OHS! every 1st Saturday of the month at the Fighting Cocks Kingston

** DANCIN' till LATE **

!!!!!! FREE ENTRY !!!!!!

Join us at WEIRDSVILLE for a night of Rhythm 'n' Booze.
Every month we'll bring you two live bands, followed by dancin' till late to the crazy trashy sounds of Mr A the Barber from YOU GOT GOOD TASTE.
Experience the kind of degenerate music that squaresville avoids!
Mr A plays the Trashiest Rock'n'Roll, the Sleaziest R'n'B, the most Primitive Punk, the Fuzziest Garage and the Wildest of Rockers.

Whilst you shake, rattle and roll your bones to the sounds we'll also be assaulting your eyeballs with projections from some of the weirdest wildest movie clips you'll ever see!!!
WEIRDSVILLE the place to be!!!

Real WEIRD-OHs listen/download/subscribe to the YOU GOT GOOD TASTE podcast with Mr A the Barber for FREE !!
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