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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

'A Nite of Horror Rock' Hammersmith Palais London 1981

Watcha weirdos

Hope you all had a horrific halloween.

After recent reminisces about the first time I actually got to see The Cramps live, my next few posts are gonna be inspired by the line up of 'a nite of horror' at the Hammersmith Palais London 22nd June 1981. My first Cramps concert!

After months of listening to The Cramps in my bedroom! I finally got to see them in the flesh, along with the Meteors (with their original and best line up) and that monster raving looney Screaming Lord Sutch. Now I think you'd agree that's a gig you'd never want to miss!
So with that gig in mind here's the start of a collection posts related to the bands that played that night. Included will be some info, pics,videos on the support bands along with some Cramps stuff! I've stumbled upon. So stick around for the next few posts cos the garbage man is gonna be spreading some trash right here!

If were lucky enough to be at the gig or if you just want to contribute to this bit of nostalgia then just knock at the Green Door and come on in and leave your mark!

Mr A the Barber


  1. hi im trying to find a bootleg tape of the meteors from the hammersmith palais 1981
    if you have it would you be able to upload it
    many thnx mick

  2. hey mr barber how u doin
    im trying to find a bootleg of the meteors at hammersmith palais 1981
    if you have it could you upload it
    many thnx mick bod

  3. Dean Whittington17 May 2012 at 22:33

    Many strange, contorted, beautiful, exotic people were summoed to hear the Cramps conjure up some primeval voodoo, all certifiable, with a stomp of approval from Gretsch;

    "Don't Eat Stuff off the Sidewalk, you don't need it, so don't eat it." was sound clear advice, delivered as an opening statement of pure intent. Then it all became weirdly fuzzy as the earth's axis shifted, tilted until a strange green door in the mind gradually opened.....(To be continued)

  4. Sceaming Lord Sutch at the Palais supporting the Cramps was little more than an embarassing, pathetic, sad joke.
    Playing a selection of old school out of date rock n roll standards from the late 1950's and early '60's that the vast majority of people at that gig were either in infancy or in most cases not even born when originally released.
    The set was peppered with grotesquely dumb unfunny remarks e.g "Yah die fraulien with the grossen titten" - PATHETIC or "the hog he went bsspppp (a noise meant to represent breaking wind)" PATHETIC. In addition to which all through the set there were dumb theatrics being staged by group members one of which was one chasing another up and down the stage with a large imitation mallet, the rest of which I've unfortunately forgotten. What Sutch and co seemed to be doing is trying to make the music of their long lost youth relevent to a different generation other than stagnating Teddy Boys and failing miserably in the process.
    The words that came to my mind in reference to Sutch were sit down man you're a bloody tragedy. The experience of this episode created a realisation and a resolve never to end up in that myself.
    As they say there's no fool like an old fool.