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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

'Get Your Hair Cut' with Mr A the Barber

Watcha Weirdos

I'm Mr A the Barber and your listening to volume 15 of the YOU GOT GOOD TASTE podcast.

For this show I'm offering you something a bit special,

a chance to get your haircut with Mr A the Barber

So take a seat in Mr A's chair, relax and leave it all to me.

And as a treat whilst your barnet's being cut I thought I'd play you some of the best 50's and 60's hair related rock 'n' roll tunes to make this an appointment you won't ever forget. And I guarantee after this visit your gonna be telling all your friends that Mr A the Barber knows how best to CRAMP your style.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Good, now where's my razor?................

Razorback - The Savoys

Shorty the Barber - Lou Millet

Lend Me Your Comb - Carl Perkins

You Gotta Have a Ducktail - Billy Adams and the Rock-A-Teers

He's a Square - The Belvederes

Long Sideburns - Bolean Barry

Ducktail - Joe Clay

I Accidently messed Up His Hair - Jeanne hayes

Somebody Elses Dandruff - MAD Magazine

He's My Baby - Jean Shepard

Blue Black Hair - The Jades

My Girl - Huelyn Dyvall

Long Blonde Hair - Johnny Powers

Blonde Headed Women - Harold Lee

Let Your Hair Down Baby - Everett Carpenter

Livin' Doll - Lafayette Yarborough

Party Doll - Luke Simmons and his Blue Mountain Boys

Pigtail - Don Schraler

Long Long Ponytail - The Fireballs

Red Blue Jeans and a Ponytail - Gene Vincent

Pony-Tail - Nervous Norvus


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Friday, 13 November 2009

Meteor Madness

Any of you original Crazies will remember this short film made by the Meteors back in 1980. as far as I remember it was shown as a support film to the Ska related music film 'Dance Craze', I remember seeing it in the cinema but it was a long time ago and memories a bit shot now so forgive me for any errors.

This version is just as bad as the copy I have on VHS tape as the original was actually in colour. It features songs from the first Meteors EP 'Meteor Madness' and for what it's worth I think their best line up. The combination of Nigel Lewis's sci-fi related tunes combined with P. Paul Fenech's more traditional rockabilly rhythms inspired and helped create a whole genre of music later termed psychobilly. Seeing the Meteors for the first time at the tender age of 16 at the 'nite of horror rock' at Hammersmith Palais back in 1981, helped fuel my ongoing interest in rock'n'roll and rockabilly and importantly also opened my ears to searching backwards into the catalogue of early rock'n'roll artists. Anyway enjoy the film, it's in 2 parts, sorry about the quality but it's still worth a view.

And here's the promo for 'Graveyard Stomp ' from 1981


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Screaming Lord Sutch

Now here's a story you might find interesting.

Born David Edward Sutch in London 1940, Sutch was both a rock'nroller and a politician, yes I said politician (more about that later).

First his music career:
Sutch's early rock'n'roll career began in the early 1960's, with his first record being produced by Joe Meek in 1961 entitled 'My Big Black Coffin', also known as 'Til The Following Night' the reverse being a rendition of Good Golly Miss Molly. In building a rock horror act, David renamed himself with the stage name Screaming Lord Sutch, in addition he also formed the band The Raving Savages to back up this new act. Complimented by his wild man of Borneo look, 18" of hair, a buffalo horned crash helmet & his aunt's old leopard skin coat, Screaming Lord Sutch and the Raving Savages were a great success.

During the 1960s, Sutch became known for his horror-themed stage show, adapting his look and taking on the persona of Jack the Ripper he'd begin his shows coming o
ut of a black coffin. Other props to the shows included knives and daggers, skulls and "bodies".

Political career:
In 1961 at the tender age of 21 years old thus eligible to vote, Screaming Lord Sutch decides that as he can vote he can also stand for parliament in the British parliamentary elections! The views of his peers and himself at the time about politicians was simply to sod 'em all, so the Sod 'Em All Party was technically formed.

In 1963 Screaming Lord Sutch had the chance to stand for parliament. much to the disgust of many serious
politicians. Dropping the 'Sod Em All Party' title for the more subdued 'National Teenage Party' he polled 208 votes.
Later in 1983 Sutch renamed his political party 'The Official Monster Raving Loony Party'. To a cry of 'We shall fight them on the benches' Sutch declares the OMRLP officially launched and that the loch ness monster will be the party mascot.

That same year Sutch stood against Margaret Thatcher in the General Election, carrying a giant tin opener during his campaigning to open up the Iron Lady herself! Unfortunately the Iron Lady lacked a sense of humour and wasn't impressed, setting the legislation in motion to raise the election deposits from £150 to £500 to deter candidates such as Screaming Lord Sutch. This did little to deter Sutch, who increased the concerts he performed to pay for campaigns!
His most significant contribution to politics came when he secured more votes than the candidate of the Social Democratic Party, led by former Foreign Secretary David Owen. Within days the SDP dissolved itself.

Despite his wide ranging exuberant contribution to music and politics, Sutch suffered from depression and committed suicide by hanging on 16 June 1999, following the death of his mother the previous year. At the inquest, his fiancée said he had "manic depression".

What a story, what a man, told you it would be interesting!
To read more about Screaming Lord Sutch's antics there's a dedicated website here detailing his life in both music and politics.
Listen to "Dracula's Daughter' by Screaming Lord Sutch on YOUGOTGOODTASTE vol.13 "House of Horrors"

Mr A the Barber

'A Nite of Horror Rock' Hammersmith Palais London 1981

Watcha weirdos

Hope you all had a horrific halloween.

After recent reminisces about the first time I actually got to see The Cramps live, my next few posts are gonna be inspired by the line up of 'a nite of horror' at the Hammersmith Palais London 22nd June 1981. My first Cramps concert!

After months of listening to The Cramps in my bedroom! I finally got to see them in the flesh, along with the Meteors (with their original and best line up) and that monster raving looney Screaming Lord Sutch. Now I think you'd agree that's a gig you'd never want to miss!
So with that gig in mind here's the start of a collection posts related to the bands that played that night. Included will be some info, pics,videos on the support bands along with some Cramps stuff! I've stumbled upon. So stick around for the next few posts cos the garbage man is gonna be spreading some trash right here!

If were lucky enough to be at the gig or if you just want to contribute to this bit of nostalgia then just knock at the Green Door and come on in and leave your mark!

Mr A the Barber

A late Halloween trick or treat from The Cramps