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Monday, 18 January 2010

Mr A the Barbers tribute to Lux Interior

Watcha Wierdos

For the next few weeks I'll be posting some random Cramps related posts to mark the forthcoming first anniversary of Lux Interior's untimely death.
Now if your already got the 'BUG' for the Cramps then some of my postings you'll gonna have seen already BUT, if your not fully up with all things Crampy then stay tuned to this blog cos in the next few posts I'll be bringing you a whole load of trash that'll be worth sifting through!

The posts will culminate in volume seventeen of YOU GOT GOOD TASTE being delivered to you on February 4th Lux's anniversary. I'll let you know more about the content closer to the date but lets just say it's gonna feature music of a more downbeat nature reflecting my current melancholic mood. Since the day I first dropped the needle onto my new copy of 'Gravest Hits', and first saw The Cramps in London 1981 I have been obsessed with the mad psychotic rock'n'roll rhythm beat out by Lux, Ivy and The Cramps. So if you too share my sentiments then I hope YOU GOT GOOD TASTE's forthcoming selection of dark'n'moody tunes will mark the day in a more sombre and reflective tone.

To get it subscribe here and have the coolest, dark, twanging music set the moody mood on the 4th february.

But hey enough of all that blubbin' Lux or Ivy wouldn't want us to sit around moping, cos we should be rockin'n'reelin, so my first post is a mad slice of TV with Lux seemingly having the time of his life with a puppet!! Check this out.

Stay Sick Mr A the Barber

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