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Sunday, 27 September 2009


Howdy pardners
"Some people don't like this kind of music", what about you?

The Big Round Up is gonna kick your ass all the way to Texas.
First I'm gonna drag you down south with rockabilly cuts from some real country cats. Then get ready to go juke joint jumping, where you'll be asked to romp'n'stomp and rock'n'roll to some hillbilly howlers. Once the hoe downs over we're gonna swing, Western style, kicking off with the king of Western Swing himself Mr Bob Wills, ooooh yeeeesss.
The show comes to a close when the darkness creeps in with country sounds from the dark side of town!

Do you like this kind of music now?

Jim Ringo - I like this kind of music
Jesee James - The south's gonna rise again
Andy Starr - I wanna go south
Carlton Norris - Go south little man
Billy Gray and his Western Okies - Further on down the road
Jack Guthrie - Oaklahoma Hills
Wayne hancock - Juke joint jumping
Jimmy Swan - Country cattin'
Billy Barnett - Romp and stomp
Bob Gallion - My square dancin' mama
Carson Robison - Rockin' and rollin' on a Saturday night
Bob Wills and his Texas playboys - Shame on you
Bill Braddy and the Western Star - Blue eyed blonde
Lefty Frizzel - if you've got the money I've got the time
Tommy Sands - i know about the bees
Luke Wills - Never turn your back to a woman
Ole Rasmussen and his Cornhuskers - Did the man in the moon come from Texas?
Curtis Gordon - Play the music louder
Hank Williams - Why don't you love me?
The Kingston Trio - Tom Dooley

till next time, keep it Wild'n'Western
Mr A The Barber

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