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Sunday, 27 September 2009


Watcha Weirdos
Brothers and sisters we are gathered here today to hear a sermon by Mr A The Barber. Armed only with the power of rock'n'roll on my side I'm gonna lead you away from the sinful world towards the LIGHT. But be prepared cos the DEVIL is clever, he will tempt you, he will entice you, he will seduce you!

But fear not, cos my sermon will help you cast out SIN and take the rightuous pathway as laid down by JESUS CHRIST our LORD.
So join me in this spiritual journey, but be prepared cos the DEVIL'S Comin'!!!!!!!!

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YOU GOT GOOD TASTE - The Devil Rides vol. twelve

Satan - Angel Dust OST
The Devil's comin' - Stud Cole
Up Jumped The Devil - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Devil In Your Heart - The Donays
Fliberty Jib - Ken Nordine
Sinners - Freddy and the Hitchikers
Burning Hell - The Fleshtones
Devil Is Mad - Dorothea Fleming
Hallelujah Rock'n'Roll - Sandrea Grimms
Jesus - The Velvet Underground
Oh! Happy Day - The Edwin Hawkins Singers
Look To Jesus - Reverend Lofton and His Holy Travellers
Pastor Pickin' - Erick and Beverly Massegee
Higher Power - The Sadies
His Name Is Jesus - Selvyn Cox
Will There Be Any Yodeling In Heaven - Bob Wills & The McKinney Sisters
This Wicked World - Arden Jervey
You Better Believe - Gene Vincent
He Turned The Water Into Wine - Johnny Cash
Wrapped Up In Jesus - Reverend Charlie Jackson
Jesus Was An Androgyne - Dory Previn

till next time, keep it dark'n'devilish
Mr A The Barber

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