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Sunday, 27 September 2009


Get ready to go amusement park USA. This show is based around a day out at the theme parks of America. Experience the thrills and spills of the best rock'n'roller coaster tunes as well as the scarey sounds of the Haunted House and the Ghost Train. No trip to the theme park would be complete without a whole bunch of trashy snack and drink based tunes to keep the energy levels up. So strap yerself in and hold on tight cos the rides about to start.

The Beach Boys - Amusement Parks U.S.A.
The Alibis - Roller Coaster
Big Joe Turner - Love Roller Coaster
The Velvet Underground - Coney Island Steeplechase
The Lords of Altamont - Cyclone
Fabulous Cyclones - Cylone
The Instrumentals - Are You Nervous?
Louis Jordan - Lemonade
Pico Pete - Hot Dog
Sam the Sham and the Phar
The Swanks - Ghost Train
The Detroit Cobras - Hot Dog (watch me eat)
Bo Diddley - Roller Coaster
Big Jay McNeely - Nervous, Man Nervous
Dick dale - The Beast
Corvairs - Volcano
The Jiants - Tornado
Lollypoppers - Bottle of Pop and a Lollypop
Dusty Brooks - Chilli Dogs
The Jaguars - Exit 6
Elvis Presley - The Fair is Moving on

till next time, keep it Rockin'n'Rollin'
Mr A The Barber

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