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Sunday, 27 September 2009

MY TALE IS HOT vol. eleven

Watcha weirdos and welcome to MY TALE IS HOT bringing you yet more rock'n'roll weirdness. It's a regular panties inferno! You can't lick it!

This month's show is a second helping of rockin'n'rollin sounds of a sexual nature, but this time I thought I'd try to put them together into a raunchy storyline that tells a TALE of HOT, steamy, sexual liasons and all other kinds of illicit behaviour.
See if you can follow my twisted way of thinking and get to the end of the story!!
*Warning MY TALE IS HOT is not bedtime listening for kiddies*

But don't blame me if it's too blue! Cos this show is just an audio erotic response to Joey Martini's
peekaboorevue show entitled 'Baby Let Me Bang Your box', so do yourself a favour and listen to his weird debased rock'n'roll debauchery and blame him for corrupting Mr A The Barber.

click here to get YOU GOT GOOD TASTE - My Tale Is Hot vol. eleven

I Dig Chicks! - Jonah Jones Quartet
Going Steady - Jilted John
Love Is... - The Phantom Surfers
Sick! Sick! Sick! - Terry Corin and Her Boyfriends
I Got a Rocket in my Pocket - Jimmy Lloyd
Uncontrollable Urge - Devo
I Want a Lip - April Stevens
Girl (You Captivate Me) - ? and the Mysteians
I Wanna Make Love - Leroy Dogson
Touch Me - The Doors
Take It Off - The Pastel Six
Delilah Jones - The Thunderbirds
Hold It Mary - The Axcents
Anyway You Wanta - Harvey
Oh, Honey - Gloria Wood
Hanky Panky - The Raindrops
Bend Me, Shape Me, - The Models
Women Tied Up In Knots - Bongwater
Weirdo Libido - The Lime Spiders
Queen of Pain - The Cramps
Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground
She Won't Turn Over For Me - Tommy Odim
Cool (Joey!) Martini - Blue Jeans
Drunk That's All - Laverne Ray
Too Drunk To Fuck - The Dead Kennedys
Love Potion No.9 - The Clovers

till next time, keep it Hot'n'Horny
Mr A The Barber

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